Shotgun Locks
The Internal Gunlock Solution

Shotgun Locks

Internal, caliber specific locks are more secure and effective than external designs. All calibers are MD and CA Department of Justice approved.

Over/Under Shotgun Internal Lock available in:

    • .410 Gage
    • .28 Gage
    • .20 Gage
    • .16 Gage
    • .12 Gage

Product description and benefits:

    • Shotguns are locked through the breach, with a small “L”-torxs key, bypassing ejectors
    • Gun friendly: all materials used are softer than ammo brass
    • Ends accidental discharge
    • Browning and Winchester supply our locks with their shotguns (10+ years)
    • Great for transportation
    • Internal design does not interfere with handling

Over-under shotgun lock

Pump/Auto Shotgun Internal Lock available in: